Clothing design


SPEEDFACTORY MILAN – designed by Otln

 For Milan

 We love our city, its neighborhoods, history and people. It’s an honor and a dream to be able to design a shoe based on the city that inspires us daily as creators. Milan consists of nine neighborhoods, each with its own characteristics and charm. Together they make Milan a special place. 

We used colors that represent key features of the city. Dark grey details are based on the hoods we grew up in. Filled with concrete buildings they serve as an urban canvas for the thriving graffiti culture that lives in its surroundings. A culture we grew up with. Next to the hood, the most well-known image of Milan is obviously the eye-catching white Duomo. Together with all the other monuments and historical buildings it gives the city its off-white, creamy glow. The creamy and white colors are the base of our shoe, they act as a background for the richly detailed design, just like the city acts as the foundation for its creators. Bright coral tinted accents point out the important relationship between fashion and the city. It’s a Milanese thing to point out subtle details that make your shoes stand out from the crowd. Further details in text and design invite consumers to interact with the product in a playful way. Every time you look at the shoe you’ll discover new perspectives. This is our vision on design and it sets us apart from others, a distinctive personal touch.    

We are proud to be BORN AND RAISED IN THE NINE.