Graphic Design


Agency: Centoeventi.

San Bernardo is a brand present in different realities of Italian high catering and its aim is to maintain a  fresh and distinctive personality. In 2018 they  decided to pay homage   to the best 2000 restaurants an agenda to take reservations.

We were contacted to design the new San Bernardo’s Agenda 2018: the brief consisted to create an elegant layout for the new San Bernardo 2018 agenda, the concept of agenda was based on the currents of thought, which like the currents of the rivers, allowed the development of society. Starting from these reflections it was decided to celebrate the creativity of 12 cities in 12 different historical periods  of time through the creation of 12 type maps, one for each month.

Under  the Art direction of Centoeventi we created the book layout, and 13 type maps, one for each month, plus its cover.